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Annual Show Marketing Campaign

In order to encourage people who have never thought to enter a Horticultural Show before in their lives, a series of advertisements will appear on both our site and other local websites and Facebook pages. Its purpose is to: Demystify ‘The Schedule’ – Our annual publication which gives guidelines to the exhibitor on how to show their exhibit. Advertise the date, time and venue of the event – It’s a large event worth coming to! Promote those entries that don’t take months of preparation. You do not have to grow a pumpkin from seed! Our schedule may be downloaded from The Schedule page and a gallery of posters will accumulate after they've gone life. If you're local in the Glinton/Peterboroug

Jars of honey from boxes of bees

The population of a bee hive rises between winter and summer from approximately 10,000 to 60,000 and at this time of the year the queen is busy laying 1,200 eggs per day. Those eggs she does not fertilise become drone bees and immediately after pupation they start a life of hard work in the colony, from simple cleaning tasks to finally flying from the hive to collect nectar, bringing back almost their entire body weight of it one each trip! The nectar comes from the available flowers nearby depending on the time of year and the area in which the hives are situated. Different nectars have different tastes and sugar content. The higher the sugar content the more the honey will tend to crystall

Snow drops and rain drops

Despite weather conditions too inclement that even the SAS stay indoors, members of the Glinton Horticultural Society parachuted into Anglesey Abbey near Cambridge on Sunday to see the magnificent Snow Drop displays there. A visit to the estate's Mill and House proved both interesting, dry and warm...!


Venue - Talks & Plant Sale:

Glinton Village Hall

High Street




Venue - Annual Open Show:

Arthur Mellows Village College

Helpston Road