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Garden visit June 16th

Several members of GHS and others visited a local garden as part of the National Garden Scheme and we had an unusual treat.


The garden was developed over the last 14 years with trees, shrub, plants and a wonderful pond, full of koi and goldfish. We were also entertained by having to join in throwing balls for the dog.


Three baby barn owls were ringed by a registered Barn Owl Conservation Network ringer. They were 6-7 weeks old, very fluffy but almost full size.  The owlets were taken from the nest and laid on their backs – their faces were covered with a cloth to keep them quite (although they never moved at all). A check was made to try to determine their gender, check how full their tummies were, their wing feathers were measured and they were weighed. Then a ring was carefully put on their legs and all this information was recorded. Finally, they were returned to their box and half an hour later they were fast asleep.


The Society had a stall (see below) at the Glinton Fest held in Glinton on June 1st. which was well attended.

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Plant Sale

The plant sale held on the 4th of May was once more a great success with the usual queue waiting to get in and a busy two hours selling a wide variety of bedding, perennials and vegetable plants, The society thanks all those who donated plants and helped out setting up and selling on the day.  



This year's programme of events and the Schedule for the September Annual Show have all been updated. Click of the relevant section at the top of the page.


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