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Plant Sale 2017

On April 29th the Glinton Horticultural Society opened the Village Hall doors at 1000. Outside, the perennial queue of supporters were waiting, eager to buy plants for the coming season. Some have been waiting patiently for up to 30 minutes, some even longer. They quickly entered the empty Hall which transformed itself into a bustling market place. Within minutes cardboard boxes had been filled as people carried them above their heads, to joining another queue for the checkout, and 80% of the plants had found new homes within the first 20 minutes!

Nut Growing in Britain

Clive Simms talk focussed on Walnuts, Peacons and Hickorys, Almonds, Hazel, Cobnuts and Chestnuts. Few individuals choose to grow walnut trees as they grow too large for most peoples gardens but things are changing. There a couple of plantations in Kent growing Walnuts and Hazel nuts which they are pressing for oil. Opies cannot get enough Walnuts so they have to import. There are 15 species of Walnuts round the world. Peacons and Hickorys were attempted to be grown on the West coast of Scotland but it is too cool for the trees to flower. We may eventually get a tree hardy enough for this climate, but would need government involvement. Many nut trees are attacked by pests e.g. mites, field m


Venue - Talks & Plant Sale:

Glinton Village Hall

High Street




Venue - Annual Open Show:

Arthur Mellows Village College

Helpston Road