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Happy Houseplants - the indoor jungle

As always, Geoff was very informative - this time - how not to kill off our houseplants!

He told us in an amusing and practical way how it is necessary to take care of our Houseplants right from the moment we buy them and take them home. It’s important to consider the light and the temperature; get the watering right; what nutrients we can use when they are actively growing and what to do when our plants have grown so much they need repotting! He talked about misting and the various pests that live in Houseplants and how we can get rid of them.

We all coveted the watering can he had bought with him - a Pin Point - a press button releases the water so you can control the amount and it goes just where you want it to. What’s the betting, we will all own one soon!

Geoff again very kindly donated some super gardening prizes for our raffle - we were all jealous of those that won them!

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