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Grafting for beginners

Clive Simms gave a fascinating account of how he had taught himself grafting skills over many years and described its history. He showed various slides and specimens which illustrated the grafting process. Clive gave a practical demonstration of whip grafting, where one plant is selected for it’s root, and the other plant is selected for it’s stems, leaves, flower or fruit. This creates dwarf trees and allows the fruits of a normally large tree to be grown on on a much smaller and more harvestable one. Grafting allows apple growers to quickly change the type of apple they produce, without having to grow the same tree from scratch and thus reduces their production time by years. Clive demonst

Sue Bean

It is with sadness that the Society reports the passing of Sue Bean in February this year. Sue was a member of the Society for 27 years and was always a very enthusiastic exhibitor entering many different classes, including Vegetables, Fruit, Preserves, Baking and Flower arranging. Her multiple entry forms were dreaded by the committee members on Show Entry Evening, because Sue's hand writing was so very difficult to read! Her favourite entries were in flower arranging which she’d plan from the moment she received her Show Schedule for the year. It was a very sad day when arthritis prevented her from handling her flowers anymore. She was a very keen saleswomen at both the Plant Sale and Prod


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Glinton Village Hall

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Arthur Mellows Village College

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