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The Gnomes of Lamport Hall

Andrew Mikolajski gave an account of Lamport Hall and it’s gnomes, which Sir Charles Isham introduced into the UK around 1846. He had brought back a number of terracotta gnomes from Germany and had originally intended to use them as amusing figurines for guests at his dining room table before his wife banned them from the house. They then took prominence in a large rockery which he specifically built for them with pieces of quartz to simulate diamonds for which the Germanic gnomes were mining. Only one of the original gnomes has survived and his name is “Lampy”. He may be viewed under glass in Lamport Hall and he is currently insured for £1m. The popularity of Charles Isham’s gnomes gradua

Peterborough & District Beekeepers Association

The Peterborough & District Beekeepers Association will be taking part in the Glinton Horticultural Annual Show this year. They will be selling a selection of honeys and displaying Beekeeping equipment as well as "An Observation Hive" of bees. It is hoped that those who have ever contemplated taking up the hobby will be encouraged from the help and wealth of experience of the association's members present. The show takes place on September 20th at Arthur Mellows Village College.


Venue - Talks & Plant Sale:

Glinton Village Hall

High Street




Venue - Annual Open Show:

Arthur Mellows Village College

Helpston Road