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Better photography of your garden & plants

Tony started his presentation by quoting from John Keats: “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”. Tony also adds: “Especially if you photograph it”. This was our first talk of the new season and very enjoyable as we all learnt how to take better photographs with our digital cameras, learning how to compose, frame and think about the photo we are trying to take. His talk was supported by a wealth of stunning photographs he had taken in his own village and visits to gardens and whether you were a novice or experienced photographer there was something to learn for everybody. He encouraged us to take photographs of our indoor flowers and plants and many of his examples resembled pictures an artist

BBC Gardeners Question Time

Some members of the Society attended the recording of the Gardeners Question Time which was held in the Stamford Arts Centre. The event had been organised through the Stamford Horticultural Society though several Horticultural organisations were in attendance. Whilst none of our questions were chosen for broadcast, the event was very interesting and professionally done and allowed one to see the faces to those so familiar voices one has heard so many times on the Radio. The event will be broadcast on October 26 @ 3.00pm and October 28 @ 2.00pm on Radio 4. Our thanks go to the Stamford Horticultural Society for inviting us as well as providing the glasses of “fizzy” after show.


Venue - Talks & Plant Sale:

Glinton Village Hall

High Street




Venue - Annual Open Show:

Arthur Mellows Village College

Helpston Road