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Colin Ward of Swines Meadow Nursery presented his talk on Hostas which are related to Asparagus and you can eat the leaves - the smaller ones being better as they are more tender!

Hostas enjoy moist soil but are fairly drought resistant if well established in a garden. They prefer shade or semi-shade and need a dormant period over winter. They also benefit by being split-up every 3-4 years.

The main problem with keeping Hostas is attack from slugs and snails. This assault can be countered either chemically: Slug Pellets or Ferric Phosphate or else by more natural means: Putting potted Hostas on paved areas or if planted in the garden placing: Sharp grit, wood ash, garlic granules or Bran around the base of the plants.

The picture below shows Karen offering some of their beautiful plants for sale.

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