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75th Annual Show

Our Annual Show took place on September 15th at the Arthur Mellows Village College in Glinton. After late entries we squeezed just over a thousand entries onto our display tables which are put up the day before and all taken down again immediately after the show.

Such events are not possible without the hard work and dedication of so many people and also the generosity of all of our sponsors.

We would also like to thank the most important group of all and that is all of you who entered, for the event is not just about winning but the enjoyment of taking part with others in self-improvement.

Above are this year's winners. If anyone wants a copy of their own presentation, please email from the footer of the webpage stating your name and the picture number and it will be emailed back.

Other stuff:

LOST - 1 x collapsible two piece knife and pliers

FOUND - 1 x Red handled pair of secateurs

Please email if you can help with the other stuff.

More show analysis to follow later this week...

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