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Wild New Zealand

Following a four week stay of New Zealand Colin presented a virtual tour of the landscape, bird, insect and animal life that he and Karen found there. The landscape has been sculpted over thousands of years by volcanos and earthquakes which has produced such fantastic scenery and has been the backdrop of many films made there.

Not that you have to be a big movie company to produce video, as Colin demonstrated with his night-vision clip of a Kiwi chasing another one off it's territory!

This was not a solitary action sequence, as later Colin produced evidence of an attack to the lens of his camera by a large bird with a razor sharp beak (Karen could be heard laughing in the background). More perturbing to follow was an encounter on a swing bridge with some enthusiastic tourists jumping up and down to see how much they could make the bridge move!

For those that really like feeling things move there are ample opportunities for taking a Bungie Jump over whatever terrain suits your sense of mortality: water, trees, rocks...

Colin & Karen decided against such vertical experiences and decided instead to go for a ride in a jet boat travelling at 40-50 notts narrowly avoiding crashing into bridge structures en-route up-river is such a beautiful place.

Our thanks to them for taking us there.

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