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Retina Eye Scanning for Members

In order to speed-up entry for Members at our Annual Show being held on September 17th, we are introducing retina scans to validate membership for free entry. The process is extremely quick and should significantly reduce queuing time at our events.

We have purchased software which allows members to scan their eyes using only a normal printer/scanner that most of you will already have in your homes. The scans need to be saved in JPEG format which can then be simply emailed through. The new software will then enhance and index your files to enable us to build our membership database.

Scanning is easily achieved by placing your face on the scanner glass then pressing the scan button. Your eyes should be focused at a far point in space and they must not blink whilst the light bar completes its sweep. Some people might experience a sense of ‘snow blindness’ for a time afterwards but this should normally wear off in 2-3 days.

We hope to see you at our Plant Sale on April 30th in Glinton Village Hall from 1000.

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