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Propagation - a practical demonstration

Joseph Whitehead returned to give society members and visitors a practical demonstration on propagation.

The evening flew by as we learnt the different ways of producing more plants by taking cuttings - both softwood and hardwood.

Only a small amount of equipment is necessary - small sharp knife, free draining compost and pots or trays. The most important thing is to keep everything clean and sterile. A bottom heated propagator is desirable but not essential. Basal (bottom) heat is the important factor.

By the end of Joseph’s very educational and humorous talk and demonstration, everyone was enthusiastically looking forward to getting in their gardens and propagating plants themselves.

N.B. Heard of strulch? It’s a garden mulch made of wheat straw and is excellent for both weed control and moisture retention. Put it on the top of your pots or in your garden or on your vegetable plots.

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