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Birds in your Garden

Chris Andrew from the RSPB presented an informative, enthusiastic and very anecdotal talk on the birds to be found in your garden. Did you know that birds cannot detect chile powder when put in their bird seed? Squirrels certainly can and thus puts them permanently off from emptying your bird feeder!

The audience (of just under 40) learnt how to identify the calls from Doves & Pigeons when cooing down chimneys at 5.00am in the morning as well as microwaving bird seed for 15 seconds to stop it from germinating when fallen from a feeder.

Chris answered numerous questions at the end of his presentation.

The RSPB is a charitable operation and 90% of what it receives in funds goes directly on protecting birds. For more information in the many ways you can support the the good work of this organisation, please visit their website

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